For gifts, it's the thought that counts. Infuse some heartfelt appreciation into your low-cost, DIY gifts for a charming effect this season! 

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5 Low-Cost DIY Gifts for Appreciating Employees this Season

Nov 22, 2016

We've all heard that it's the thought that counts with gifts and that can be a good thing for the 'ol budget. Regardless of your holiday spending limit this season, giving one of these inexpensive, DIY gifts to your employees will surely warm their hearts with the charm of genuine appreciation. 

Make your workplace merry & bright with one of these do-it-yourself winners: 

1. A Sweet Treat for your Team


This adorable mason jar is easy and inexpensive to throw together! Just fill with your favorite wrapped candy, print a tag from, and tie a bow around your completed gift. 

2. Wrapping Paper


Who doesn't run out of wrapping paper during the holiday season? Give the gift of beautifully wrapped gifts with a handwritten card. Bonus for 'pun'manship. Example: "Here's hoping you'll get 'wrapped up' in the spirit of the season. 

3. A Pedicure Set


While everyone on your team likely has two feet, this gift tends to work its magic on the women of the group. With all the great-smelling peppermint lotions that come out during the holidays and the general neglect of the end of sandal season, pampering one's mistle'toes' is a must! See more ideas here

4. Mini Succulent Surprise


Succulents are all the rage these days and those of us with a black thumb aren't complaining. This gift is a great way to freshen up the air in your workplace while reminding them of your appreciation for seasons to come. Mini succulents can be found at most grocery stores. Feel free to add a ribbon and/or a nice message to really make this a joyful surprise. 

5. Cookie Cutter Combo


Pair a seasonal oven mitt with a couple of cookie cutters for a delicious gift! Encourage your employees to enjoy your present with their families. Bonus to all if the leftovers are brought into the office! 

Sometimes doing it yourself doesn't turn out as planned. For lovely, low-cost gifts that you just have to click and ship, visit