Who doesn't love a day out of the office? Check out these fun team outing ideas! 

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Keep Your Team Motivated with These Fun Team Outing Ideas

Oct 06, 2016

As we approach the winter months, we often see employees feeling less perky and more stressed. Team outings are great for defeating these winter blues! Team events are also great for overall office morale and for employees to get to know each other better.

Need help planning? We’ve pulled together our top five ideas for creative team outings!

1. Go to a Game

Take your team out to the ball game! Rev up the team spirit at a local game. Don’t want to leave the office? No problem, participate in your own games. We have just the plan for starting your own office Olympics!


2. Ropes Course

Take on the challenge and cheer each other on as you work your way through the trees on the ropes course.  Not only does this push people individually to accomplish something they have never before, but it also encourages people as a team to all get across.

3. Painting Class

Having a creative outlet can be just the thing your team needs to get rid of unwanted stress. Challenge each other to your best Picasso!

4. Lunch

Everyone’s got to eat, right? So why not do it together! Explore the local cuisine with your team. Or have some great cooks on your team? Host a chili cook off, bake off or other food competition.


5. Trampoline Park

Need to let out some steam? There is no better way than by acting like a kid again and jumping up and down on a trampoline! Many cities have local places with trampoline activities.