Your Customer Service team is AMAZING. So be sure to tell them all about it for Customer Service Week, October 7th – 11th!

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Top Customer Service Week Gift Ideas 2019

Sep 25, 2019

Autumn is well underway and so is appreciation season! Hopefully, your team members are getting regular pats on the back from their managers and everyday high fives from their colleagues. But don’t let your customer service team go unappreciated. Check out these five easy ways to make it an amazing week for a very important team!

1.  Decorate!

Before Customer Service Week begins, decorate the CS department with balloons, posters, streamers - anything to ramp up the excitement for the coming celebration.

2.  Make it fun!

While acknowledging the hard work of the Customer Service department is the name of the game this week, infusing fun into the atmosphere is a must! Games and contests are amazing tools for making CSW a time to look forward to and remember year after year.

3.  Have a Party!

This can be as low or high cost as your budget affords. You don’t have to import French champagne to make your CS team feel special. *Bonus* Involve senior management in the presentation. At Baudville, we love to recruit them for cooking (BBQ!) and serving meals to the team.

4. Toot their Horn!

You can incorporate your recognition shout-outs into the party or give a company-wide talk on the importance of the Customer Service team. It’s a great idea to share information about how many calls they manage in a week, the financial savings and benefits of cross-selling - and make sure to call out a few customer reviews related to awesome customer experiences!

5.  Share the Love!

Not every department has their own celebratory week but many teams deserve a little TLC. Take a moment to appreciate other departments that interface with your company’s customers and CS representatives. After all, we work better together!

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