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We’re your one-stop engagement shop.

The Baudville Brands collection works together to transform corporate culture. Each of our brands focuses on different phases of the career journey, working together to meet your recognition needs.

Interested in personalized gifts? Want help developing an engagement program? What about awards? We’ve got everything you need to keep your team engaged, encouraged, and motivated.

Baudville Brands

A long history of innovation.

Baudville has been around for more than 35 years.

Our products have evolved over the years, but our high standards for serving your needs are the same today as they were in 1983.

  1. 1983


    Baudville gets its start in an apartment. 2 employees, 100 square feet. We create Pixit, Baudville’s first graphic editing software.

  2. 1984


    We release Blazing Paddles and Take One, software for graphics and animation.

  3. 1985


    Moving on up! 8 employees, 750 square feet. Software program Hacker Jack (later known as Award Maker) and others are released.

  4. 1986


    We adopt our first mascot, Lickety Split—a sly fox with a nose for great software. We launch Rainy Day Games and the casino simulator Video Vegas.

  5. 1987


    We’re a hit at the Apple World Sales Conference and selected to accompany Apple Computer on a 12-city introduction tour of the new IIGS.

  6. 1988


    Baudville launches certificate paper, personalized embossers and seals.

  7. 1992


    A new program, BadgeMaker, provides users the ability to create professional, customized identification and event badges.

  8. 1994


    Baudville releases its first non-software “recognition” product: the Baudville Card Collection.

  9. 1998


    Baudville publishes its first book: Priceless Motivation.

  10. 1999


    TAG (Team Achievement Guy) is introduced as the Baudville mascot. Rumor has it he’s still around…

  11. 2000


    We publish a second book, The Joy of Recognition, and celebrate our first Million Dollar Month in February!

  12. 2002


    IDville brand is launched. 42 employees, 35,000 square feet.

  13. 2003


    Baudville launches its Making a Difference theme.

  14. 2004


    Baudville launches two of its flagship product lines, Character pins and the Essential Piece theme, which later became our first registered trademark.

  15. 2006


    Character Impressions is introduced.

  16. 2007


    Our catalogs are sent to 20 million people! As the profits roll in, we give back by branding our charitable arm Baudville’s Helping Hand.

  17. 2008


    25 Years! To celebrate, Baudville donates over 900 employee hours to build Habitat for Humanity’s 250th home in Kent County.

  18. 2009


    Baudville rebrands, officially becoming the Place for Daily Recognition. We launch our ePraise and kit & caboodle concepts.

  19. 2010


    IDville donates lanyards and ID badges to Art Prize.

  20. 2011


    IDville rebrands and launches ID Maker line of printers. Baudville’s Spirit of Giving program supports employee-nominated charities.

  21. 2012


    We acquire hi5 Recognition, bringing our business back to its software roots.

  22. 2013


    Baudville celebrates 30 Years! To celebrate, staff volunteers build the Saddle Safari Discovery Trail at the Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding.

  23. 2014


    We donate bright, yellow specs to help Gilda’s LaughFest set a new Guinness record for the most people wearing sunglasses at night.

  24. 2016


    Baudville Brands becomes the official parent company to Baudville, RecogNation (new and improved hi5), and IDville!

  25. 2018


    A Transformative renovation is completed to accommodate our growing team!

  26. 2019


    After a year of coordination, Baudville's 35th anniversary is celebrated with 500 volunteer hours donated to renovating Ele's Place West Michigan!

  27. 2020


    Baudville secures the Biggest Order In Our History with Lockheed Martin's Space Division

  28. 2022


    After a successful 20 years in business, IDville is sold, allowing Baudville Brands to laser-focus on employee recognition and engagement.