Everyone loves a gift. But what’s better than one gift? Many gifts…all gathered into one! That’s where gift sets come into play.

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5 Elements of the Perfect Gift Set

Oct 26, 2022

Below is everything you need to know to make the curated gift set of your dreams!

1. Theme

When it comes to gift sets, the first thing to think about is theme. What is this gift for? Who is the recipient? What are their interests? Your theme will be dependent on your recipient and reason for gifting, and your gift selection will be dependent on your theme. Below are things to consider:

  • Event: Is it for a birthday? An anniversary? A celebration? A retirement? A holiday? Just because?
  • Recipient: Is it for an employee? A boss? A coworker? A friend? A new hire?
  • Interests: What does your recipient like?
  • Vibe: What do you want the takeaway to be? Wellness? Celebration? Education?

Here are some of our favorite gift kit themes!


At the end of the day, theme is key in the world of gifting. Pick a theme, stick with it, and have fun curating!

2. Personalization

Gift kits are the best because you can make them truly on-of-a-kind! Adding customization like names, sayings, images, and logos helps everyday gift sets pop! Whether you are customizing a gift component, the package it comes in, or a small card inside, any kind of small personalization will make a big impact. I mean, who doesn’t love a gift made JUST for them?

Below are some examples of our favorite personalized kits!


3. Knowledge

Look, knowledge might be power, but it might also be the best part of a gifting experience! Something we love to include in gift sets is a really good, really informative book. Why? Because it creates an interactive experience! Pick a book that you have already read so that you can discuss it with your recipient once they have finished!

And, remember, there are books about everything and anything. Add a photography book, an art book, a cookbook, whatever book you would like! No matter the theme, a knowledge-rich book is the perfect cherry on top of any set.

Here are some of our favorite bookish kits:


4. Food

FACT: Food makes every gift better. It’s the easiest crowd pleaser and the cutest addition to any set. Plus, snacks are easy. Adding a delicious treat just might be the easiest part of your gift giving experience.

View below for some inspo:


5. Cards

After putting all that work into creating the perfect gift set, wrap everything in a bow with a personal card or handwritten note! Not only does a card allow you to express your appreciation further, but it also makes any gift just that much more personalized. You can pick up a card at the store or make your own! Plus, shop here for some one-of-a-kind cards!