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It's Time for Spring Training (of Your New Employees That Is)!

May 16, 2017

Spring training is the kickoff to the regular season in baseball, much like onboarding should be for your employees! Without a strong start, how can we expect employees to keep feeling motivated throughout the rest of their career? Training the new hire for the job is only a piece of the onboarding experience. Providing a welcoming environment is another huge component. Starting a new job can be scary for both the employee and the employer so here are some tips to keep it smooth sailing for you both!

1.     Make a fun and inviting workstation!

Everyone likes to feel welcomed on their first day, but you can really make a lasting impression by decorating their space with a welcome sign, a welcome gift and a nice note welcoming them to the team. Making it feel like a celebration (instead of making them feel like the ‘newbie’) will help calm their nerves.


2.     Give them a badge (so they feel legit).

Nothing makes you feel more a part of the team then getting your own official ID badge and a desk nameplate. This will also help other team members who may run into them for the first time to know their name. Help them to not have those newbie jitters for too long by making them feel official right away!

3.     Hook them up with some goods!

While they are fresh and excited about their new job, they will love to rock new logo wear from their new company! Hook them up with a logoed t-shirt, mug, and pen. Not saying they need to wear a uniform, but everyone loves free swag, especially when they are proud of the company they work for!


4.     Keep the recognition going.

It’s important to remember that even after their first few days, it’s important to keep the recognition going. Keep sending them encouraging notes with free ePraise or invest in a robust solution to keep your team engaged well past their first days.

You will be surprised at how easy of a transition it will be for your new hire if you provide a fun, welcoming, seamless onboarding experience. Training is only a small piece of the onboarding experience, so remember to not skip out on the fun parts too! The results will be worth it.