Every company has it's own unique culture, complete with a recognition style as individual as its employees. Take our quick quiz to find out all about the attitude of appreciation at your organization. 

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What's your Company's Recognition Style? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Feb 03, 2020

1. What snack is most frequently found in your office?

a. Chips & Salsa 

b. Donuts 

c. Homemade treats 


2. To build team morale, your organization...

a. Holds a company picnic complete with food trucks and a bounce house. 

b. Hires an expert and holds a team-building seminar. 

c. Asks everyone to write a thoughtful note for a teammate. 

3. What phrase do you hear most around the office?

a. Who’s up for happy hour? 

b. Good morning. 

c. Your work makes a difference every day. 

4. Describe your year-end holiday party...

a. Laid back and casual followed by a killer after party. 

b. Classy and traditional. 

c. Appetizers followed by many a heartfelt speech.


5. How does your team say "attaboy!" (or gal)?

a. A high five or better yet, a fist bump!

b. A firm handshake.

c. A heartfelt (and completely professional) hug.


6. The dress code in your workplace is...

a. Casual casual.

b. Business professional.

c. Business casual.

Answer Key

Mostly A's: 

The Happenin' Hangout

Is your company a startup? Or maybe a part of the technology field? Rumor has it that most of your employees are millennials and sharing a casual drink after work is not unusual. Your office comes complete with a ping-pong table and a TV or two and no one tries to tell you to leave your cell phone in the car.

When you look around, you see visible tattoos, dark wash jeans, and retro eyeglass frames. Workday treats might be pizza and subs or something more artisan, like specialty cupcakes from the bakery downtown. There's definitely some friendly banter but mostly people are “plugged in,” listening to music on their headphones.

When someone goes above and beyond, their supervisors might get them an old school Moscow mule or a growler to house their craft brews. Team events are taken seriously in that they should be seriously fun! 

Management knows the importance of peer-to-peer and everyday recognition and a solid fist bump is a big deal in your company culture. Teamwork is alive and well at your workplace and every employee knows that their contribution matters.

Mostly B's: 

The Class Act

Your office doesn't fall short on reputation or standards but it might fall a little short on spontaneous fun. Do you happen to work in insurance, finance, at a law firm, or somewhere named SmithHammacherJennings?

When you look around, you see suits and high heels and hear professional jargon. A Friday office treat is likely donuts and high-end coffee. Mmmmm.

When someone exceeds expectations in a major way, management congratulates them with a trophy or plaque at your year-end awards ceremony. Pomp and circumstance (and shellfish) are the guests of honor.

For more modest recognition, supervisors hand out handshakes. Even though the atmosphere can be a little stuffy at times, employees know they're valued and that each person is an essential cog of this well-oiled (and polished) machine.

Mostly C's: 

The Dewy-Eyed Difference Maker

You’re not working at the traditional corporate office where making a buck is the only thing that matters. Your workplace is likely a non-profit, school, or hospital.

When you look around you see people that really care and are maybe a little tired or burned out. Luckily, homemade treats are always at hand to give the team some much needed sweetness in their tough lines of work.

When someone does a truly awesome job, they’ll likely get a hug from their supervisor and a gift that includes a few warm fuzzies. Employees love that they’re working to make a difference every day and appreciate when that’s recognized.

The year-end celebration is a nice but not too costly event filled with heartfelt words that make everyone a little dewy-eyed. Huge awards and prizes aren’t usually part of the party but there are plenty of times every year that each essential piece of your organization feels special, such as teacher, nurse, and volunteer appreciation weeks.

Whether your workplace fits better in A, B, C, or all three, we hope that management throws appreciation like confetti! After all, who doesn't love to celebrate a job well done?